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Heat and Cold Therapy Benefits

Better circulation

Activating and speeding up the body’s natural healing process and ensuring the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues reducing the risk of injury

Boosts energy, focus, & mood

Contrast therapy also has a positive impact on mental health. It stimulates chemicals in the brain associated with positive feelings and improved cognitive function

Reduces Swelling and Pain

The alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilation promotes more efficient blood flow in the injury’s area, carrying extra white blood cells and fluids speeding the healing process

Supports inmune system health

It helps to increase lymphatic system's flow, a major component of your body’s immune defence and responsible fighting bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other foreign particles

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Aids in the removal of lactic acid, a byproduct of intense exercise that can lead to muscle soreness. This, in turn, speeds up recovery and improves subsequent performance

Potential Weight loose

It can stimulate the body’s metabolism, helping it to burn more calories thought a process called “non-shivering thermogenesis”

Reviews From Customers

Great product and great delivery service. We needed home installation at an 8th floor downtown Andorra, and we had it done just in few hours. Great logistics.

Carlos Sagnier Customer

Product is better than it looked. I honestly didn’t expect the high quality of the wood. It is very well treated for outdoors. I work in the wood industry, and I know what is all about. Thank you.

Sergi Gonzalez Customer

We received the icebath within a week, but the sauna took almost 70 days to reach our place in Barcelona. The quality of both products is very good though.

Morgan L. Customer

I am very happy to enjoy the contrast therapy at home. I don’t have to go every day to my gym's spa since I have my own wellness tools in a such small space in my house.

Carles Nart Customer

We've had a misunderstood with the order as we didn’t order ice bath with chiller included, and we've been supplied within a week. Great customer service and quick attention.

Lisa L. Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we set up the machine?

Our products are very easy to install, we provide you of a quick installation guide that will help you with any doubt during the set-up process. We do this way to speed up the process so you enjoy your shot of life machine as soon as it reaches your home.

We do door to door dropping. If you have any issue as difficult access (high floor of the building etc) you can email us at explaining your situation and we will give you a solution. We have an special logistic team ready for you.

Yes. We ship world wide.

Is not recommended to use salt as that material will affect negatively the water coolingsystem.

We recommend using the ice bath between 2 and 10 minutes. Start by a short time and reach longer bath time with progress. That way you will enjoy the most.

Send us your cv to we have plenty of job opportunities.